Jun 12 2018 8:56:36:930AM

30 Best Countries in the World

Nepal bagged 23rd position in Triphackr.com’s list of 30 Best Countries in the World to visit. The publication writes,” Nepal is unique in the fact that the attractions here are natural and not manmade!”

Top Eco-tourism Destination

Best Travel Destination

ShermansTravel has listed Nepal on in its list of ‘Top 10 Eco-tourism Destination’. “The spectacular Himalayas comprise the highest mountains on earth and boast a surreal landscape of snow-covered peaks sure to leave a powerful impression. The Himalayan country of Nepal, situated between India and China, offers some of the best access to these mountain peaks, where landscapes vary from subtropical valleys (complete with banana trees) to alpine forests (home to grazing yaks),” information posted on ShermanTravel’s site reads.


Nepal bagged  7th position CNTraveller’s ‘Best Travel Destinations 2016’ list. “Nepal is officially reopened for business. Last spring’s earthquakes damaged parts of the Kathmandu Valley and most of Nepal’s tourism in 2015. But the famously friendly Nepalis have been beavering away, restoring Kathmandu’s historic buildings and rebuilding roads and trails all over the country. Go now and help rebuild it – if not with your bare hands then with the support of your visit,” CNN writes.

Best Ecotourism Destinations in Asia

Nepal is ranked 6th  in Trips to Discover’s ‘Best Ecotourism Destinations in Asia’ list. The travel blog writes, “Trekkers love to explore this area’s steep and rugged terrain, and the Kalapatthar Peak is one of the most popular attraction in the trekking trail. Make sure to stop at the gompas and monasteries along the trail to learn about Nepal’s history and culture,” the travel blog writes. “Like many Asian ecotourism destinations, Sagramatha is an excellent place for bird-watching, with more than 100 species of birds as well as endangered mammals like the snow leopard and Himalayan black bear,” it adds.