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Day 01:

They started the journey early at 5 am to make it to Danphe Lekh without having to face the scorching sun.  They stopped by at Karnali Technical School for a quick breakfast break after walking for an hour. As the elevation increases, Encountering Altitude Sickness is quite common among trekkers. The locals gave them some black pepper as there is a belief that black pepper helps in acclimatization in high altitude. After walking for 5 long hours, they finally reached Danphe lekh pass at an altitude of 3653m.

After descending down for almost an hour, they arrived in KHALI : a pasture with beautiful flowers blooming along the stream where we were greeted by a herd of sheep. They stopped by for lunch at this place. After having an sumptuous yet affordable lunch, they headed towards Nyaurighat, a small village near the river bank. Dustynep writes ,”After crossing the bridge (2680 m), we followed the river downstream for about 20 minutes before starting a serious climb. There is a huge overhanging rock which is a source of healing mineral called ‘ Silajit ’. Our climb continued for a while and then levels out with a Tibetan village called Bhara. We followed the recently paved motorway and descended down to the Chauro khola (river) to a small village: Chautha”. Though they were planning to spend their night at Bulbule, they were totally drained and thus decided to stay back at Chautha.

Day 02: 

The Second Day Expedition started from BhulBhule and they soon reached an army checkpoint from where Mugu district starts, after which they proceeded towards Ghurchi. Then they headed steep downhill towards Jhyari where they stopped for some food. Though the locals told them that reaching Gamgadhi should be a pretty relaxing trek, it took them almost 9 hours to reach Gamgadhi from BhulBhule. They stayed back at a guesthouse after reaching Gamgadhi, headquarter of Mugu District.

Day 03: 

This was the day to experience the majestic Rara Lake. DustyNep writes ,”We got in to a jeep going to the Talcha Airport from the hotel itself as we had no interest in walking from there.20 min drive: 2hrs on foot. From the airport, we headed towards the Rara National Park entrance.We were checked by army officials and they literally count every plastic bag you are carrying so that you won’t litter them on the way. After the check post, the route is mesmerizing, a narrow trail in the dense pine forest. After an hour of trek, you will finally reach the place that everybody dreams of going, the majestic Raraheaven on earth, laying still. You can’t ask for a better reward for all the hardship you went through, the muscle ache, constant heat and everything.”